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At Pro Solar, LLC, we believe that the best advantage for the consumer is to own the solar panels on their home.

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here’s why?   Solar Power Facts
Solar Panel Advantage Solar panels are an investment in your home. A recent study found that a home with a photovoltaic solar energy system sells for, on average, $15,000 more than comparable homes without a solar system.
Solar Power Tax Savings When you own the solar panels, you get all of the benefits such as tax credits, rebates and other incentives that may be available at the local, state and national level.
Solar Power Financing With easy financing like programs offered through SunGage Financial, you can lock in the benefits of going solar and build equity in an asset. After the loan is paid off, your Pro Solar, LLC system will continue to produce energy for up to 25 years. That makes solar energy your least expensive energy option.
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However, you will also bear the cost of maintaining the system. Fortunately, solar panels require little maintenance other than keeping them free of dust, dirt and debris that will reduce their efficiency. When you choose a quality solar panel installer like Pro Solar, LLC, your solar system will give years of low-maintenance service.

Many solar power companies are in business to lease solar panels to homes and business. When you lease a solar system:

Solar Panel Leasing The solar company retains ownership of the system and installs it on your roof. You pay them for the use of the panels. This arrangement is similar to leasing a car, and may include an option for you to purchase the panels.
Pro Solar Electricity Ownership You own the electricity that the system produces.
Pro Solar Panel Maintenance The solar company takes care of any maintenance needed.
The owner of the panels you lease, which is the solar company, can take advantage of incentives like rebates and tax credits.



It’s the third option for going solar. With this arrangement, there is an agreement between a solar company and a homeowner who agrees to allow solar panels to be installed on their home, and then pay the panel owner for the electricity generated at a set rate.

Call now to schedule a free energy audit to find out how Pro Solar, LLC can help you save money and increase the value of your home.