I’m ready to go solar – how do I start?

Schools out, summer’s here and temperatures in Central Texas are soaring.  It’s no wonder that many homeowners are asking this question! After all, the sunlight is intense and solar panels can harness it into a precious resource: electric power to fuel our busy lives.

If the question has crossed your mind, you will need to spend some time analyzing your home and how your family currently uses electricity. This process takes a little time and effort, but you will find ways to save money and use resources more efficiently, too. Gathering that information is the first step toward going solar and stepping away for high electric bills.

To find out how solar panels can help, you need to determine your energy needs. Start by looking at your electricity usage over the past year, or the longest period you have access to. This information will help you know how much electricity your solar panel system will need to generate. It will help you pinpoint areas when you might be able to adjust your energy consumption, too. If you have recently made other investments, perhaps in new, energy efficient appliances or installing new windows, take those factors into account.

You will need to look the appliances (refrigerators, clothes dryers, etc.) and systems (heating and air conditioning) that drive your energy consumption. This stage of your process is an opportunity to fully understand your energy use by scheduling an appointment with an energy auditor. This involves looking at your entire home to determine places where your home is leaking the heated or cooled air back into the great outdoors. Your auditor will evaluate your home, inside and out, and help you get the full picture of where you can save energy.

Your energy audit will show where you can reduce energy waste and make your home more comfortable, too. For example, if there are spots in your home that are always too hot or too cold, could be that a leak or draft keeps your HVAC system from doing its job. Finding the source of the problem and correcting it will enhance the comfort of your family and lower energy consumption, too.

This information about your energy use helps your solar panel company design a system that will provide for your energy needs year-round. It provides the basis for making a series of decisions about the type of solar panel system to help you reach your goals.

Once you determine your energy needs, your solar energy consultant will work with you to design residential solar panel system that’s right for you. Things like the size and slope of the roof and the amount of sunlight available, along with the number of kilowatt hours your household needs, will determine the cost of your system. Your consultant will provide a report that shows your potential savings.

Here in Central Texas our summer days tend to be long, bright and sunny. We at Pro Solar can help you capture plenty of that good sunshine to keep your home cool and comfortable.

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