Quality solar panels deliver more solar energy

Quality solar panels deliver more solar energy
Quality solar panels deliver more solar energy

GoProSolar is the leading supplier of residential solar panel installations in our part of Texas for many reasons. One of them is that we use the highest quality solar panels currently on the market. Combined with our years of experience in the home construction industry and our strong, ethical business practices there’s no reason to look anywhere else.

In case you do, thought, one of the questions to ask any provider of solar panels for your home is what brand of solar panels will be used for the project.

At GoProSolar, we install high quality solar panels from Solar World. With so many providers in the marketplace, why did we choose them as our provider?

Here’s why:

Solar World is an established company with over 40 years of experience in manufacturing solar panels. In recent years, interest in the financial benefits of solar and consumers interest in more renewable energy resources has resulted in many entrants into the solar manufacturing arena. However, only Solar World has the real depth and breadth of experience it takes to serve our customers.

From an installers perspective, no other company comes close to matching Solar World in terms of service and support. That’s because they are an American company with their US Headquarters located in Oregon. Solar World is the top choice for solar panel installers who hold themselves to high quality and customer service standards.

We find that many of our customers are interested in a high-quality product that will help them save money on their electric bills for years to come. That goal can only be achieved when the panels installed stand the test of time. Solar World performs extensive testing on their panels so that they withstand normal wear and tear and are tough enough to withstand weather hazards, too.

If that’s not enough, we are proud of the track record the have established as an ethically run business that provides good jobs for American workers. In recent years, they have been recognized numerous times in such categories as the most recommended provider by US installers, sustainability in solar manufacturing, green manufacturing, and as the Manufacturer of the Year (2016) for Portland, Oregon. If you’d like to know more about their awards and recognition, you can find it here: http://bit.ly/SolarWorldAwards

Want to know more about how the GoProSolar’s commitment to quality and customer service can help you lower your electric bills for years to come? Schedule a consultation today: http://www.goprosolar.com/consultation.html

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