Solar energy, your way!

Seems like everyone is excited about solar energy! In 2016, solar sources made up 39% of new electric generation added, surpassing other technologies for the first time.

Why? Because the cost of generating solar energy is falling, and cities and counties across the country are working to streamline the permitting process and reduce barriers to installing solar systems.

As you might suspect, Texas is quickly becoming a leader in solar energy. Because of our geography and climate, Texans have a clear advantage in creating their own energy independence using power from the sun on long, clear days and storing it for their future use. However, if your goal is to connect your solar energy to the grid, or the system that connects power producers and users across the state, we can help you do that, too.

For most of our customers, we create a solar panel system that is tied to the traditional utility power grid. With this arrangement, customers generate electricity for their own needs using solar panels they own. Excess power they produce can be added to the grid, creating credits that can be used if their production falls short in the future. This type of system helps smooth out the peaks and valleys of electricity production throughout the year. For customers who chose this type of system, the utility company serves as their backup if the weather turns gloomy and supplemental power is needed. You will need to check with your electric utility to find out about their solar energy program as you decide about going solar.

The big advantage of a solar panel system that is connected to the grid is its lower initial cost and ease of installation. It still requires that you be connected to the power grid and you may have some months when you pay a utility bill, though it will be lower because of the energy produced by your solar panel system.

Are you that more independent sort of Texan, who has bigger dreams of independence and living off the grid? We can work with you to design and install a totally independent system that not only produces adequate electricity for your needs, but also stores it for use later if your energy production slumps.

A self-contained system is ideal for homeowners who are serious about energy independence and are willing to make the investment. This type of system uses solar panels plus specially designed batteries. So, instead of sending extra power generated on sunny days into the grid, that energy is stored for your future use.

This type of solar plus battery system requires a higher upfront investment, but it allows complete freedom from electric bills. We take pride in helping many of our customers achieve total energy independence.

Why choose GoProSolar for your self-contained system? We’re the only local company that provides this proprietary system. While most solar companies focus on panels, our experience and expertise makes us true solar energy system providers.

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