Solar Power in 2018

solar power 2018
Solar power will grow in 2018 Photo: (c) nk2549

Solar power will continue to expand in 2018. Why? Because solar power delivers benefits to both businesses and consumers. At the same time, leaders and visionaries around the world are dedicated to continuing the development of the technology necessary to improve the delivery of affordable, renewable, clean energy to communities around the world.

Here are a few stories, from our local area and around the world, that point to what’s on the horizon for solar energy around the world.

Just a few months ago, weather related disaster in both the Houston area and Puerto Rico brought intense focus on how important development of multiple energy resources and technology is.

  • In Houston, solar has gained traction in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey when many residents realized the wisdom of having a back up system of solar and storage.
  • In the face of complete destruction of the electric grid, Tesla stepped in completed a major solar project in record time. Before the storm, Puerto Rico’s electricity consumers paid high rates for electricity that was notoriously unreliable. Now, they see an opportunity to start over and reinvent their electric service.

Development of new storage technology is a critical factor in making solar energy both more efficient and more available. In terms of business opportunity, the development of improved solar and wind energy storage has tremendous potential for investors. There is significant research and development focused in this area. Currently, some innovators are working on improving the lithium ion battery while others are searching for other materials that will more effectively store energy produced from solar and wind.

Distributed solar – residential and commercial buildings equipped with solar panels – is now seen as an alternative to adding additional capacity to the grid. That’s because the peak hours of solar energy production coincide with the peak hours of energy use. Solar panels on homes and businesses are helping utilities to make the same level of service available by smoothing out the peaks and valleys of energy supply and demand. Austin Energy recently received a $4.3 million-dollar grant from the Department of Energy to bring more distributed solar to the Austin area.

Solar energy has advanced significantly in recent years and it is still a relatively new technology. As time goes by and the technology improves, more benefits and even greater potential has become evident.

Will you add the savings and other benefits of solar power to your plan for 2018? Schedule a solar consultation today.

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