Quality solar panels deliver more solar energy

Quality solar panels deliver more solar energy
Quality solar panels deliver more solar energy

GoProSolar is the leading supplier of residential solar panel installations in our part of Texas for many reasons. One of them is that we use the highest quality solar panels currently on the market. Combined with our years of experience in the home construction industry and our strong, ethical business practices there’s no reason to look anywhere else.

In case you do, thought, one of the questions to ask any provider of solar panels for your home is what brand of solar panels will be used for the project.

At GoProSolar, we install high quality solar panels from Solar World. With so many providers in the marketplace, why did we choose them as our provider?

Here’s why:

Solar World is an established company with over 40 years of experience in manufacturing solar panels. In recent years, interest in the financial benefits of solar and consumers interest in more renewable energy resources has resulted in many entrants into the solar manufacturing arena. However, only Solar World has the real depth and breadth of experience it takes to serve our customers.

From an installers perspective, no other company comes close to matching Solar World in terms of service and support. That’s because they are an American company with their US Headquarters located in Oregon. Solar World is the top choice for solar panel installers who hold themselves to high quality and customer service standards.

We find that many of our customers are interested in a high-quality product that will help them save money on their electric bills for years to come. That goal can only be achieved when the panels installed stand the test of time. Solar World performs extensive testing on their panels so that they withstand normal wear and tear and are tough enough to withstand weather hazards, too.

If that’s not enough, we are proud of the track record the have established as an ethically run business that provides good jobs for American workers. In recent years, they have been recognized numerous times in such categories as the most recommended provider by US installers, sustainability in solar manufacturing, green manufacturing, and as the Manufacturer of the Year (2016) for Portland, Oregon. If you’d like to know more about their awards and recognition, you can find it here: http://bit.ly/SolarWorldAwards

Want to know more about how the GoProSolar’s commitment to quality and customer service can help you lower your electric bills for years to come? Schedule a consultation today: http://www.goprosolar.com/consultation.html

Solar Benefits Year Round

Did you know solar benefits don’t disappear at the end of summer?

Fall is here, and the days are getting cooler and shorter. While your solar panels are most productive during long summer days, you can gain solar benefits year round.

First of all, even though days are shorter and the sun is less intense, solar panels are actually more productive in moderate temperatures. It seems counter-intuitive, but photovoltaic cells are capturing and converting light, not heat, into electricity. Temperatures between 75 and 85 degrees are perfect for solar panel productivity. This means that shorter cooler days can equal the energy output of longer, hotter ones.

The real key to having your solar panels at maximum productivity is the design and installation of your system. The size and placement of the panels on your roof and the angle of adjustment make a big difference in how much power is generated. That’s why you want to choose a company that has expertise and experience in solar system design and installation.

An additional reason that fall is a great time to go solar is that a solar system with battery back-up is the best way to deal with power outages. There are a range of weather related causes for power outages:

  • Hurricanes – what’s referred to has Hurricane Season stretches from June 1 through November 30. These storms can cause power outages from high winds and flooding, too. As we all know from recent experience, a big storm can leave thousands without power for several days.
  • Freezing temperatures – while we don’t experience the long stretches of winter that our northern neighbors do, every Texas winter generally brings some freezing temperatures. Even a slight dip below freezing combined with rain can result in dangerous roadways and downed power lines.
  • Lightning storms – Texas experiences more lightning strikes than any other state and has 15 deaths from lightning so far in 2017. Lightning can cause power outages in several ways ranging from issues such as trees falling across powerlines and power surges that knock power out. These outages are general of short duration.

Getting your solar system up and running makes sense. And, don’t forget, you can claim tax credits you might qualify for on your 2017 return. Check out this blog post for information about tax credits, incentives and rebates: http://bit.ly/SolarIncentivesEtc .

The solar company you want to do business with has a knowledgeable, trained staff who spend the necessary time and have the skills they need to create the best, most productive installation for your home. Your solar consultant should also be able to discuss the technical aspects of your specific installation with you.

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Austin’s Solar Energy Win

Austin solar energy commitment is good for Austin residents! Because of the high level of commitment to solar and other forms of renewable energy, Austin has been recognized at the national and international level.

On September 21, the Capitol City was named as one of 11 US cities who are finalist in the Cities4Energy category for the C40 Cities Bloomberg Philanthropies Awards 2017. Austin earned the nomination by their strong commitment to solar energy and their commitment to keep electricity price increases to no more than 2% a year.

The C40 Cities Initiative focuses on increasing the health, well-being and economic opportunity for urban citizens around the world. Austin’s commitment to solar earns high marks in all those areas. Austin Energy is committed to educating and informing students, community groups and other stakeholders about solar energy. And, of course, this effort to increase the utilization of solar energy has added $370 million to the local economy. Find out more at http://bit.ly/AustinC40Profile

Austin solar commitment means working to achieve their renewable energy goals by:

Austin offers solar panel incentives for residential customers who purchase (no leased systems!) and install qualifying systems on their home.

The Austin Solar initiative helps consumers:

  • Receive a rebate based on kw production installed
  • Qualify for Federal tax credits
  • Earn solar credits for energy sent into the grid

In addition to rebates and solar energy credits to help families go solar, Austin Energy has programs to help residents weatherproof their homes, upgrade appliances and learn how to manage electric consumption to save money.

Because of the commitment the city of Austin to a sustainable energy future, they have a participating contractor program. Go Pro Solar is one of those companies. That means you will be doing business with a company that meets high quality standards and follows industry best practices. When you schedule your consultation, be sure to ask your Solar Consultant about the incentives, rebates and other incentives, rebates and other programs currently available.

And it doesn’t stop there. Austin Energy offers solar energy programs designed for small commercial (which includes non-profits), medium commercial and large commercial customers, too. One of the recent updates to Austin Energy’s commercial program was the introduction of Value of Solar credits so that businesses pay lower electric bill when they send energy onto the grid.

If you are considering putting the sun to work in your business, visit http://bit.ly/AustinEnergyBiz to learn more.

If you are interested in going solar, you want to act quickly. Because there is such high demand in the Austin community, fund set aside for rebates and incentives disappear quickly.

Getting started with your solar panel installation is easy follow this link http://bit.ly/GetaSolarConsultation and schedule a consultation with a professional Solar Consultant.