If you own a business in Texas, here are
10 reasons investing in a Pro Solar, LLC 
Photovoltaic system is smart business!


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Solar Panels Austin
Companies who have installed our commercial solar energy systems have seen significant reductions in their utility expense.
An investment in solar panels and systems for your business may qualify for accelerated depreciation.
You may qualify for a Federal Investment Tax credit that will provide a significant offset against taxes.
The State of Texas has programs for commercial and industrial tax credits and tax exemptions for qualifying investments in solar power.
Local governments offer property tax exemptions and other incentives for business to invest in clean, renewable energy, including solar panels and energy efficiency enhancements such as LED lights and high efficiency HVAC systems.
Commercial solar and new energy storage technologies offset Demand Response Charges which Texas Utilities are rapidly implementing and expanding.
Green and sustainable initiatives improve employee morale and satisfaction.
You are investing in your local economy and helping us create jobs in your community when you work with Pro Solar, LLC.
To create a buffer against rising electricity prices, allowing you to more accurately forecast expenses.
Electric utilities have incentive programs for businesses that use solar/renewable power to reduce peak loads on their capacity.

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