Solar Panels Austin

Why is Pro Solar the leading provider of residential solar panels and commercial solar roof systems for Austin and Round Rock, TX?

Because we are experts in solar panel systems design, enhanced by years of roofing and construction experience in Austin, Round Rock and surrounding areas.

We don’t just install solar panels on your roof! We design and construct solar panel systems that produce the kilowatts to meet your energy needs. Our experienced technicians work to enhance the value of your Austin or Round Rock property.

Pro Solar are the solar energy experts in Austin and Round Rock, TX.


That’s how we’ve grown our business, one satisfied customer at a time!

Our goal is to help you own your solar panels because that’s how you gain the maximum benefit. When you work with us, we show you how to install your solar panels on your roof.

How much do solar panels cost?

Never lease panels until you talk us about how easy and cost effective it is to own.
And, by the way, adding Pro Solar Panels to your home increases the resale value of your home and may help you sell your home faster! You may qualify for rebates and incentives offered for residential solar energy projects in Austin and Round Rock.

Find out why more homeowners in Austin and Round Rock, TX, choose GoPro Solar to design and install their residential solar panels.

Did you know that Austin/Round Rock, TX, experiences 232 days of sunshine a year? It just makes sense to call us today to get started converting that free, abundant sunshine into a money-saving, comfort enhancing source of energy. Now is the time to act, before temperatures and energy bills start to climb.

Because of our expertise in roofing and construction, Pro Solar also offers solar panels for commercial buildings. Let us show you how expertly designed and installed solar panels can significantly reduce your energy cost and positively impact your bottom line.
And, if that’s not reason enough to install solar panels on your commercial building, more and more consumers seek out eco-friendly businesses to do business with. Using solar panels to fuel your business sets you apart for your competitors.

Are you ready to take advantage of the sunny Texas summer to lower your cooling costs and enhance the value of your home or commercial building?

We will be happy to schedule a complimentary evaluation of your home or commercial building so that you can tap into the earth’s most abundant energy source – the sun!

Solar Fun Fact  

Call us today to schedule an energy audit and let us show you the benefits of Pro Solar, LLC.