Solar Panels San Antonio

In San Antonio, Pro Solar is the provider of choice for residential solar panels and commercial solar roof systems.
Why? Because we are the experts in solar panel systems design in San Antonio.

Most San Antonio solar companies are experts in solar panels. At Pro Solar San Antonio, we are experts in roofing and construction. We design and install residential solar panel and commercial solar panels that help our San Antonio customers reach their energy and money saving goals.

Why go solar in San Antonio?

With over 220 days of sunshine per year, solar panels are a great way to lower energy costs while enhancing the value of your home or business. San Antonio will soon rival Austin as the most solar city in Texas. The city is currently committed to updating municipal buildings to take advantage of the San Antonio solar potential. The AT&T Stadium, home of the San Antonio Spurs, has gone solar, too.

How much do solar panels cost?

Now is the time to act! CPS Energy offers solar panel San Antonio installation incentives to homeowners who are ready to make the move to a cleaner, greener, renewable and more cost-effective energy source – solar!

We are growing our business, one satisfied client at a time! We want to help you buy the solar panels because you are the one to benefit from rebates and incentives.

Ask us about rebates and incentives offered for solar energy projects in San Antonio!

Own a business or commercial
building in
San Antonio

Commercial solar panel installation is part of our expertise. We can show you how to transform free sunshine into an efficient way to power your business.

All you need to do is schedule a complimentary evaluation to get start using that free, abundant sunshine as a source of energy to power your home and business. Now is the time to act, before temperatures soar and energy bills do, too.

Because of our expertise in roofing and construction, Pro Solar also offers solar panels for commercial buildings. Let us show you how expertly designed and installed solar panels can significantly reduce your energy cost and positively impact your bottom line.

Are you ready to benefit from San Antonio solar power to lower your HVAC costs and enhance the value of your home or commercial building? We will be happy to schedule a complimentary assessment of your residential or commercial building so that you can tap into the earth’s most abundant energy source – the sun!

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Call us today to schedule an energy audit and let us show you the benefits of Pro Solar, LLC.