What are the advantages of
residential solar electricity?


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Residential Solar Panel Fun Fact  
It saves you money – sunlight is free, and today’s photovoltaic cells have a lifespan of up to 25 years. When you purchase your solar panel system with Pro Solar, LLC and finance with SunGage, you are on the way to creating your own source of free, renewable energy.
You can create your own energy independence. When you work with Pro Solar, LLC to design and install a system that includes a battery storage system, you can be totally independent of the power company in your own sustainable home.
Net-metering allows energy you generate with your Pro Solar, LLC system to be sold back to your electric utility to further reduce your energy expense and offset the cost of the panels.
Solar power is a clean, renewable source of electricity.
When you invest in solar panels for your home, you are taking control of your energy bill. The cost the energy you generate will be fixed over time.
Photovoltaic Solar Panels increase the resale value of your home, on par with a kitchen remodel. A home with solar panels is attractive to buyers and commands a higher price.

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